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An Imacron AVP weaves details into a crafty storytelling. It is a balance of fact and flash, emotion and depth, creativity and precision. The use of high-definition cameras for shooting footages matched with superb editing and animation skills allows that every video element renders a shining moment. The final product is one that appeals to multi-generational audiences, something unforgettable to both the wide-eyed and the cynic.
Rosalind Wee: A Pearl Buck Awardee
Nobel awardee Pearl Buck, author of the famed “Good Earth” has inspired bridging of cultural gaps and helping of the underprivileged children. Her legacy lives on through the Pearl Buck Foundation. For 2009, Rosalind Wee is awarded Pearl Buck International “Woman of the Year.”

David M. Consunji: A Tribute
The man behind the successful DMCI is depicted in this short video – his vision, his ideals, his ways and his accomplishments. Here we see how his adherence to his calling has made him who he is now – an icon and a legend of the construction, real estate and business industries.

Rotary Club
This is proof that not all AVPs are strict and prude.
This is presenting what needs to be known in a creative and
engaging way. Get to know the Rotary in a video that is downright funny..

An Imacron documentary is a creative approach on issues or current events which concern a greater majority. It is anchored on research and careful filtration process in order to focus on the point which hopes to educate and motivate people to a particular change of behavior. It is a balance of information and innovative presentation leaving a strong visual imprint to the viewer. Because of the Imacron way, the message is not just delivered but remembered for sure.
DENR on Climate Change Adaptation
A video which shows that climate change is real and there are ways to adapt to it. The video provides a rundown of scenes which portray climate change as something which occurs today.

Haribon: Handful of Earth
This video shows how endowed the Philippines is with rich mineral resources and biodiversity. It paints the picture of how the country’s resources can serve as useful commodities. But it also sheds light on the costs involved in some development practices. It is a documentary which will convince anyone that economic progress can be realized without exhausting the ecosystem.

Imacron documentation pays attention to details. While anyone can document, Imacron ensures that the total experience is captured clearly. Imacron designates people from its team to record diligently the sound, spectacle and scene – ensuring that no single important element is missed. Imacron has the equipment and knows the equipment. This guarantees that every shoot is an excellent take.
Event Documentation The Imacron Way
While everyone celebrates the final product, Imacron relishes every opportunity to make every shot, every cut, every angle and every sound documented with art and precision. This ensures that the final product is not just some random put-together, but an evidence of artistic documentation and mastery of craft.

High-definition video capture is the current preference of most people today given the influx of monitors and gadgets which accommodate such display. An HD shoot ascertains better picture quality, higher resolution, brighter and livelier colors. Whatever is captured on high-def is then processed with high-end technology using speedier and bigger-capacity computer hardware. Imacron’s extensive equipment makes possible a quality shoot and superb editing. The final product then leaves any viewer encounter a “bigger than life” experience on screen. The Imacron video subtly spells MAGIC.

A Peek into the HD World of Imacron
High-definition shoot is an art on its own. In the world of HD, everything is magnified… Everything seems to come to life…. This Imacron video shows what a “high-definition world” looks like. Be ready to be blown away!

It is an interplay of imaginative conceptualization, creative illustration and high-tech execution. It banks on the attractiveness of flash and wit in order to deliver a message that is not just informative, but also visually-appealing. While facts feed the mind, motion graphics excite the eye. Imacron’s motion graphics is definitely a visual delight.
Imacron’s Best of Motion Graphics
A fusion of spectacle and delight. The unity of imagery and creativity. From opening billboards, to moving logos, to flying objects and active inanimate subjects. This is graphic rendition at its best by Imacron.

An Imacron photomontage is an artistic composition sourced from different materials. It usually capitalizes on a glut of available pictures and mementoes which can be put together to form a new creative masterpiece. It can be heartwarming or straightforward, funny or canny, fact-laden or fun-filled. An Imacron photomontage is not just an assemblage of photographs or video shots. It is an artistic weaving of elements infused with subtle or situated storytelling.

A-Freight through the Years
A-Freight celebrates their 25 Years and decides to look back. A collection of their company’s momentous occasions and company’s successes made possible by their stakeholders’ contributions. It’s a video which expresses gratitude and appreciation to all that has made possible the silver year of A-Freight in the Philippines.
3D Photomontages

Let there be life… and there was life” to old, dilapidated, flat, and lifeless pictures.

The skill and creativity of the Imacron team makes a dream magical world to a reality. Want to be Shrek? Want to be a rock star? Want to be seen anywhere around the world? With Imacron’s artistic 3D photomontages, we can make pictures move, breathe, sing, and dance. In our world of 3D, we can make anything happen.

As a Television Commercials (TVC) is a form of above-the-line advertising, Imacron’s production process relies on the collaboration with the agency or the creative conceptualizers who does research and market study. As Imacron works with a strategy with the agency, it ensures that the final output delivers the message and drives the audience. With the merging of high-quality live-video shots and catchy animation, the result is a TVC that connects and lingers visually and emotionally.
Ako Bicol Party List
This is a video commissioned by the No.1 Party List group, the landslide winners in the last elections – AKB or Ako Bicol. It is filmed in chroma-key infused with animated graphics.

This is about the Bikolano and how the Bikolano needs support to carry on with what has been started.

Handy Fix
Handy Fix is a small-medium enterprise, a “David battling with Goliaths” of the industry. Since it knows its strength and target market, this TVC does not bank on celebrities for the promotion of the product – a household adhesive.  This simply gets its message across – “Handy Fix: Ang First Aid ng Bahay.”

Red Brake Fluid
Understanding that competitors abound, the Red Brake Fluid TVC breaks into the airwaves by “showing the picture” of the unique “anti-swelling formula” of the product. The very detailed animation and the over-all creative rendition grants the TVC a high recall.

Duty Free Philippines

This TVC shows why "goons," geeks, goddesses, grandparents, and families still converge in Duty Free Mall. With every element filmed in HD, everyone gets to see that fancy and luxury are found in Duty Free. That’s why it is still the best place to go pasalubong shopping. 


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